View from the Far Side

Dennis McKenna at “The event at La Chorrera: a 50-year retrospective”

“They (our friends) were actually concerned that Terence and I were going off the rails. And, maybe we were. They were not convinced of the information we were downloading. And we were utterly convinced about it…

Look, this (the Experiment) is happening. We understand each other perfectly what we’re trying to do and we understand what the Mushroom Teacher is trying to teach us to do.

I think on the personal level, there was some feeling that he (Terence) had dragged his little brother to the Amazon and driven him crazy, which is what he’s been trying to do all his life. So he finally succeeded, but he got a little guilty about that, so he was focused on me to look after me…Because at that point, for a few weeks afterwards, I was really three sheets to the wind…We just had to let it play out…I’m very grateful for the fact that what was happening to me, Terence understood — we were in sync, we were in communications, and he recognized the need to protect me and not abort this process. To let it play out. We were both operating under the assumption that something had happened…”