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16 Sep 2021

The Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit

The 3rd Annual Psilocybin Summit here for you!

In this four day online conference, we will hear from top researchers and experts to explore the powerful benefits of psilocybin on spiritual and emotional healing. From the traditional roots of the plant medicine to the current uses, we understand its profound power. Whether you are just curious about home cultivation, you facilitate healing ceremonies, or you’re an activist in creating policy for access to this medicine, the 3rd Annual Psilocybin Summit has information you need. Together, we will explore the connections between healing ourselves and healing the earth. 

Through insightful and informative live presentations from top researchers and brilliant healers, we will explore psychedelic science, indigenous medicine, and the myriad of ways that psilocybin has been profoundly changing the lives of ordinary people.

You’ll have time to ask questions and make friends, as you step into the kind, wonderful, understanding community that Tam Integration is known for.



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