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Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

20 May 2019

What the Plants Are Telling Us | World Ayahuasca Conference

ICEERS Presents: World Ayahuasca Conference 2019

In his talk at AYA2019, McKenna explored the notion of plant intelligence, describing how plants communicate through chemical messenger molecules, and how hyperconnected networks between organism support life on earth. McKenna's key message is clear: Mother Earth, through her plant messengers is sending global humanity a wake up call. To wake up to our relationship with Nature. To wake up to our responsibility to care for the plant. And to take action. Following McKenna’s presentation, moderator Sir Gillhean Prance shares his perspective on what the plants are telling us, providing examples from his work as an ethnobotanist. He says, “All over the world I go, the plants are telling us that there’s something wrong with the climate.”

Organizer(s): ICEERS


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