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Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

31 May 2020

Life and Death: With Dennis McKenna & Friends

The Consciousness Continuum by Casey McFarlane

Episode 5

It is my pleasure to host these three psychedelic pioneers. Dennis is the brother of renown ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna, and is involved with numerous projects harnessing the safe and respectful decriminalization of plant medicines. Wade is a kind and grounded explorer, with roots in anthropology, ethnobotany, and law as well. He has written too many marvelous novels to count, and has taken photos for national geographic, among other high ranking companies. He currently serves as professor of Anthropology, as well as Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk, both at UBC. Michael is an explorer, an author, a musician, a farmer, and a friend. He is specifically interested in keeping the indigenous knowledge that is left alive and intact, by keeping strong and respectful relationships with the land. He has lived on and off for many years with both the Yanomami peoples, and within the Sierra Mazateca, high in the cloud forests of Mexico. Michael has founded two non profits: "The Amazonia Foundation" and "Talking Plants". He has worked on the front line of the epidemics, during the 80s, working with Sweet Wormwood to help heal Malaria. Today, we discuss how deeply ingrained the experiences of both life and death are within existence it self. Enjoy!

Organizer(s): The Consciousness Continuum


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