Ethnopharmacologic Search For Psychoactive Drugs

Symposium Livestream

23 - 26 May 2022

Livestream Symposium23-26 May 202223-26 MayATTEND
6 Jun 2020

Merlin Sheldrake & Dennis McKenna

"A Tribute to Terence McKenna: A Celebration of Life & Legacy"

Live Discussion & Illustrated Podcast with Dennis McKenna & Merlin Sheldrake: "Entangled Life"

0:00 Introduction

05:30 Live discussion

28:55 Illustrated Podcast

1:31:37 Laser Imaging of Fungi & Plants

1:43:30 Q&A

Presented by: Dennis McKenna, McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy & San Francisco Psychedelic Society

Guest Speaker: Merlin Sheldrake

-Thank you Terence-

20 years in 2020

This Tribute is a gift to the community, made possible by our generous supporters. Thank you for watching!

Organizer(s): McKenna Academy


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