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McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy,
coming to fruition thanks to our generous supporters.
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Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

Academy Event

May 23 - 26 2022

ESPD55 - Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs



Alexandre Tannous, Andrea Langlois, Andy Weil, Barrett McBride, Bruce Damer, Bryn Dentinger, Carey Turnbull, Chris McCurdy, Christina Chaya, Cody Swift, Colin Domnauer, Dale Millard, David Nutt, David F. Rodriguez-Mora, Dennis McKenna, Donna Torres, Greg Hemmings, Jerónimo Mazarrasa, Jonathan Lu, Josip Orlovac Del Rio, Laura Orsoli, Laurel Sugden, Luís Eduardo Luna, Manuel Torres, Mark Merlin, Mark Plotkin, Michael Coe, Michelle St. Pierre, Monica Gagliano, Paul Stamets, Shauheen Etminan, Wade Davis, Zak Kulberg
Organizer(s): McKenna Academy
  • On the 55th-year anniversary of the original ESPD, the McKenna Academy presents ESPD55, during these uncharted times for global mental health. This unparalleled, historic four-day online symposium hosted and carefully curated by Dennis McKenna, includes esteemed speakers like Paul Stamets, Monica Gagliano and Wade Davis. 33 of the most exciting minds in psychoactives research, present 37 sessions exploring the world of ethnopharmacologic knowledge through various life-centric themes: ethnosphere, phytosphere, mycosphere, sonosphere and beyond.


    How can we imagine the future of psychedelic therapies? How can ancestral knowledge bring depth to scientific research? What does sustainability look like for plant medicines through the indigenous perspective?


    The McKenna Academy also premieres its short documentary at ESPD55: “BioGnosis: Bridges to Ancestral Wisdom.” Visit the BioGnosis Biologue, a visual journey of the making of the short documentary.


    Join the ESPD55 LIVESTREAM and engage within the online community. 

    The McKenna Academy invites the inquisitive to collectively explore the potential of ethnopharmacology for humanity.


    News and event updates from the McKenna Academy.