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McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy,
coming to fruition thanks to our generous supporters.
Your gift furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.


Oct 15 - 17 2021

Fantastic Fungi Global Summit



Dennis McKenna, Merlin Sheldrake PhD

    Fantastic Fungi feeds you, heals you, reveals nature’s mysteries, helps save the planet, and gives you access to the expanding power of mushrooms.


    The Fantastic Fungi Global Summit is an expansion of the release of the hit documentary film Fantastic Fungi with its 100% Rotten Tomatoes score, #1 Best Seller status on iTunes for 6 weeks straight, and its recent trending release on Netflix. It’s being talked about in mainstream Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue, NY Times, USA Today, and the LA Times, while continuing to be an overwhelming fungi fan favorite.  


    What’s clear is that Fungi spans many audiences and topics -  be it mental health, consciousness, healing medical issues, food/chefs or environmental innovation, and more … the Mushroom craze is truly upon us. 


    And we have over 40 top experts including: Paul Stamets, Deepak Chopra M.D, Dr. Andrew Weil, Eugenia Bone, Michael Pollan, Michael Beckwith, Suzanne Simard, Jack Kornfield, Doctors and Scientists from Jon Hopkins, Berkeley, NYU, MAPS, musicians like Rob Garza and innovators like Eben Bayer. 


    The underground is finally coming to the surface and we are so excited for you to be part of the revolution and call to bring all the amazing benefits of fungi to light and to the masses!



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