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McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy,
coming to fruition thanks to our generous supporters.
Your gift furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

Academy Event

Jul 6 - 15 2021

Psyched 2021



Christina Chaya, Dennis McKenna
Organizer(s): McKenna Academy
  • Psyched 2021 Conference.

    A Free Week-Long Virtual Conference Exploring the Psychedelics Ecosystem

    Through diverse voices and perspectives, Psyched provides an in-depth look at the nuanced world of psychedelics. With over 100+ different panels and speakers, you can explore ethical implications, political changes, and sociological shifts as psychedelic compounds are rolled out globally.

    July 9th, 2021

    Dennis McKenna & Ken Jordan, Editorial Director at Lucid News, discussing the Mainstreaming of Psychedelics.


    July 10th, 2021

    Welcome from Dennis McKenna & Christina Chaya

    Opening by Abby Navarro & Akojaiye Ausar  with Icaro by Tony Natem Duku

    "Bridging Wisdom Traditions & Biomedicine": Tony Natem Duku, Spencer Hawswell, Jesse Hudson & Demer Gonzales Vasquez, facilitated by Abby Navarro
    Four visionary leaders representing diverse perspectives from: ancestral wisdom, entrepreneurialism in Shipibo communities, I.P. rights, to descriminalization and drug development for access to medicine, come together from the heart of the Peruvian Amazon and Canada. Join this fascinating facilitated dialogue bridging understanding of wisdom traditions and biomedicine, with empathy and compassion.

    "Psychedelic Listening to Open Minds & Hearts": Dennis McKenna, Alexandre Tannous & Mellody Hayes, moderated by Marik Hazan
    As part of the psychedelic ecosystem, how can we use the powerful tool of Psychedelic Listening — to open minds and hearts — to address the issues of silencing, censorship and division and bring a deprogrammed attitude to our interactions? What are ways to amplify voices and engage in respectful listening? Psychedelics deprogram and open minds, and ultimately open hearts — critical right now in these times of heightening division. How can we rechart the course to keep minds and hearts open?

    Closing by Abby Navarro & Akojaiye Ausar



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