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McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy,
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Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

Academy Event

Jul 24 Aug 3 2019

Journey of the Soul

Willka T'ika, Cusco • Peru


Organizer(s): McKenna Academy
  • Two men who have dedicated their lives to plant medicine and its role in humanity, come together for a conference-retreat, to offer a mind-opening and life-transformative ayahuasca experience.

    Dr. Dennis McKenna and Antonio, a highly trusted curandero, lead a journey of mind and spirit to the multidimensional depths of your soul.

    The "Journey of the Soul," located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, weaves together intriguing presentations & talks, visits to ancient sacred sites with an emphasis on Andean cosmology, and three ayahuasca ceremonies followed by integration therapies facilitated by Antonio, using his unique, multi-dimensional and dynamic techniques.

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