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McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy,
coming to fruition thanks to our generous supporters.
Your gift furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.

Your support furthers the mission of the McKenna Academy.


Our vision is an awakened world where all species thrive in symbiotic harmony.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the transformation of global consciousness through educational experiences that interweave our collective intelligence, science, and ancestral wisdom.

Modern science grew out of Natural Philosophy, a fusion of philosophy and science that considers mind and consciousness as inseparable aspects of nature. Before modern science became fragmented into specialized disciplines and restricted to quantitative study, Natural Philosophy acknowledge the limitations of reductionism and embraced complementary ways of understanding derived from intuition, insight, and inspiration. The human mind perceives the world through lenses that no other instrument can simulate. The best tools to polish and clarify those lenses, to inspire and educate humanity in this emergent paradigm are our co-evolutionary symbiotic partners —the sacred psychedelic medicines.

A Modern Mystery School

  • A center for intellectual inquiry, spiritual and moral development, philosophical discourse, and the exercise of human imagination and curiosity.
  • A gathering place for the finest minds to catalyze, study, understand and advance the co-evolution of life, mind and consciousness.
  • An academy, providing a fully-integrated curriculum including spiritual, shamanic, exploratory and medical use of Psychedelic Medicines. In this respect, the McKenna Academy is a modern instantiation of the experiential mystery schools of antiquity, combining plant experiences with rigorous academic inquiry.


Future of McKenna Academy

The McKenna Academy provides a replicable model for the establishment of a “21st century mystery school” that can function as both a template and a seed for future expansion in other regions of the world.

The Academy will adopt the most forward-thinking models of governance and operation, ensuring implementation of the highest levels of ethics. This will provide opportunities for social, environmental, and financial benefits.



News and event updates from the McKenna Academy.