We cultivate harmony with nature through educational programs, ethnobiological exploration and engagement with indigenous wisdom

Our vision is to be a catalyst in creating an awakened world where all species thrive in symbiotic harmony.

We offer symposia, courses and retreats where people share, learn and inspire positive change on our planet and in their own lives.


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“The entire biospheric community of species is conscious, and seeks to advance the evolution of consciousness through collaboration and symbiosis.”

Dennis McKenna Ph.D.

President and Principal Founder


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Season 1 Episode 401:06:07

Herbaria: Their role in protecting biodiversity and indigenous knowledge

Dr. Barbara Thiers is the director emerita in the Division of Plant Research and Conservation at the New York Botanical Garden. Prior to her retirement, she was the Patricia K. Holmgren director of the William and Linda Steer herbarium, the world’s third largest herbarium, housing over 7.9 million collections of algae, broophytes, fungi, and vascular plant. She applied her interest in herbarium science and information technology to develop the CV Star Virtual herbarium, which contains a searchable database of digitized herbarium specimens. She is also the editor of the Index Herberorium, the guide to the world’s approximately 3300 herbaria. Dr. theers is widely recognized for her contributions to efforts to digitize the world’s natural history collections. In 2020, to help educate the public as to the importance of herbaria and botanical history, she published a beautifully illustrated book entitled herbaria the quest to preserve and classify the World’s plants, published by Timber press. She is past president of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists and past president of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections. She’s a member of the Board of the Natural Science Collections Alliance and member of the External Advisory Board of ID Bio the National Collections Digitization Hub.


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Happy Birthday, Terry!

This is your little brother Dennis, writing to you across the gulfs of time and space. Almost as though you were still out there somewhere…and perhaps you are. One thing I do know; you are still ‘in here,’ in my heart, and remembered, and loved. I miss you very much.